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Firstly, Welcome to Edupoint Tuition Agency!

As one of the best tuition agencies in Singapore, Edupoint offers comprehensive and high quality tuition services at competivtive prices.

At Edupoint, we are one of the best established and recognised names in Singaporeís tuition service industry. We have an extensive team of highly qualified and experienced tutors of many backgrounds; from school teachers, undergraduates, graduates and full-time private tutors.

Having been in the private tuition industry for close to two decades, we have established a reputation of offering premium tuition for our students in a variety of subjects and classes, from group lessons to 1 to 1 home tuition. We have recently expanded to inclde online tuition as another of our ways to help students excel academically.† Here, students communicate with their tutors through a web based interface instead of the traditional face to face interaction.†

Our uncompromising attitude towards results and our dedication to only providing the best for our students is what allows us to build a large base of teachers and students alike, giving us the ability to forge not just long-lasting but also fruitful and rewarding relationships.

To maintain our aim of providing the best tuition on the island, our tutors are judiciously screened before coming on board the team. We look at their academic qualifications and results as well as their accumulated experience in the tuition industry. But most importantly, we also look for a positive attitude, drive and enthusiasm to make a difference in a studentís life.

Our commitment to improving not just our studentsí academic results but their holistic development is why we constantly offer guidance and assistance to all our students, no matter their level of education. From primary to secondary school and also junior college, we are able to provide for all their academic and school needs.

We also welcome all international students to use our services!

To get in touch with us, raise an enquiry, or book our tuition services. You may contact us at the numbers and/or e-mail address provided.