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Edupoint is a premier tuition agency in Singapore with 20 years of experience in helping students realize and fulfill their academic potential. We provide 1 to 1 Home Tuition to help students not only manage the rigours of the education system but also to excel in it. We have a large pool of undergraduates, graduates, school teachers, part time and fulltime tutors who are academically qualified and possess the necessary skill to ignite the passion for learning in their students. We have helped students in Primary, Secondary, Junior College/IP/IB and Polytechnic levels achieve their desired results with our tutors.

We have recently taken our education services online where students can interact with their tutors on an online platform. Edupoint Online opens the door to a new way of learning where tutor and student are no longer confined to geographical location. Home tuition now becomes convenient where tutor and student are comfortable in their own natural environment and there is no need for travelling. All that is required is a computer, internet connection, audio/video capability and you can start learning with your tutor with a mouse click using our dedicated online learning interface.

Edupoint also has a select number of subject experts who are ready to share their knowledge with students. These experts have advanced degrees and many of them have formerly been teachers in the Singapore school system. They are very well versed in their respective areas of subject expertise and bring years of teaching experience to share. They will be conducting Group Sessions that would cover the essential elements of most important topics.